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Become A Better Reader

Sunday morning, and it is your turn to read. The presiding brother slips you a small note with today’s reading jotted down. Chronicles!? You gulp slightly and push down the sinking feeling welling up in your stomach. Hopefully, there is enough time left to ‘skim’ the chapter for big names.

It is quite common to feel anxious about publicly reading the bible, especially when the reading is heavily skewed with names of people or places. We must remember that though our modern bible is translated into English, Hebrew is still a foreign language. Combinations of letters and sounds that are not common to our vernacular make it difficult to pronounce names of people and places in the Bible.

The spoken word is a great way to overcome this difficulty. Rather than reading along silently it is more beneficial to speak aloud and to listen to the bible being read by others. Hearing the spoken word will add a level of familiarity to pronunciation and will impact your ability to become a better oral bible reader.

Twenty Days, Twenty Chapters

Below are links to twenty of the most difficult chapters in the bible to read aloud. Use the streaming audio playlist to listen to each chapter being read. Follow the text intently while listening. It may be helpful to record yourself reading a 'difficult' section of scripture before you begin this list and also after you have completed it for a comparison of your progress.